Celebrate Selena at Bidi Bidi Brunch Brunch

There is no doubt that Selena had it all.

She was a strong Latina icon who was vibrant and beautiful and intelligent.

The Tejano singer made her mark in the music industry and on the lives of her countless fans.

Now, twenty-three years after her death, her star shines as strongly as ever. Fans recently celebrated her legacy with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame but in Austin... We do it a little bit different.

Austin does Bidi Bidi Brunch Brunch, a play off Selena's song, Bidi Bidi Bom Bom. 

The inspiration came from Bryan Gonzales' childhood rides to his family's grocery store in San Antonio. "The entire way there, we would listen to Selena, we could get tacos, get Mexican candy and when the idea came for El Chilito to have a brunch, I thought of Selena," explains Bryan Gonzales, who works on marketing for El Chilito. 

El Chilito encourages guests to come dressed up like Selena and even participate in some Selena inspired contests. The response has been huge. "Its so inspiring to see little girls come out dressed like Selena and fully grown women dressed like Selena," said Bryan. "They're dancing with little girls and they all have the hair do and some of them wear the bousteir."

All proving that Selena's legacy continues on and will continue for future generations.