Dallas teen taking her DJ skills to the next level

A 14-year-old Dallas DJ has taken her passion for music and turned it into a career.

Kaitlyn Reyes is known as DJ K-Sprinkles behind the turn tables.

She tries to book gigs as often as she can, often performing for hundreds of people at events and DJ battles.

“It’s a really great feeling. Sometimes I just get in my own zone. But then I look up and like, I feel like I’m at a concert,” she said.

Reyes’ mom and dad both work in radio and passed their love of music down to her.

“I have a deep passion for music. I love being an entertainer. A few years ago, I would always see my dad practice and I was so curious. And I had to ask him to teach me. And three years later, here I am today,” she said.

Reyes is now taking her music to another level at a new school. She was accepted into a prestigious performing arts school in Dallas – Booker T. Washington High School.

In March, she’ll travel to New York to perform at Carnegie Hall.