Dealing with a loss

Etiquette expert Diane Gottsman shares tips on what you should do if you're dealing with a loss or someone you know is bereaved.

Diane also says there are five things we should all know about being prepared: (source: Loss of Life Advocates)

  1. Know where your original will is located and keep it updated as your life changes.
  2. Banking Information should be kept updated with someone you trust to handle your financial affairs should you have a life transition. 
  3. Keeping all of your insurance documents in order with updated beneficiary information to prevent a lapse in payment to your loved ones.
  4. Have a USB with all of your important documents as well as user ID and passwords can serve as a road map to your estate. Of course, keep it in a safe place where you can retrieve it if necessary.
  5. Have a conversation about your final wishes to ensure