FEMA-certified Doberman sent to Florida to help rescue people trapped by Hurricane Dorian

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A Doberman from Kentucky with a very special skill-set is currently in Florida, prepared to rescue anyone trapped during Hurricane Dorian.

Diane Linstrom tells Fox 35 she has been raising Doberman's for years. She says they aren't raised to just be pets. They are trained to save lives. 

She raised both K-9 Quest and K-9 Syn from a litter of 6. At 8-weeks-old, Quest was sent to his handler in Michigan while Linstrom kept Syn, who has been trained to find human remains in land and on the scene of crimes.

K-9 Quest was just deployed to Florida this week and is currently staged in Miami with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The 4-year-old Doberman be working with Ohio task force one to help in search and rescue after Hurricane Dorian passes near Florida's east coast.

Linstrom tells Fox 35 that Quest has a very unique rescue ability. He's not only FEMA-certified as a live find disaster specialist, but he is the only Doberman in the country to hold those titles.

His Florida mission will be the second on his resume. K-9 Quest's first deployment was to Dayton, Ohio after tornadoes ravaged areas. 

Quest will be in Florida until after the storm passes and as long as necessary in order to help save lives.

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