Fit2Vote brings together Austin fitness community to get out the vote

Fit2Vote is a new campaign that's bringing together the Austin fitness community in the hopes of getting more people to participate and vote in the upcoming election. 

Founder Jennie Bender says that the community activation and social media campaign is non-partisan and isn't trying to swing the election one way or the other or endorsing a specific candidate. She says it's about voting and about the civic duty of it.

Bender, who is a fitness instructor herself, says she wants not just other instructors and trainers but everyone who "likes to sweat in Austin" to participate.


Fit2Vote is holding a Media Day on September 19 which will give people a chance to join in the campaign by taking photos. The socially-distanced event will take place at The Carpenter Hotel from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and masks are required.

The photos will all look similar with stylized white backgrounds, dark clothing and the word "vote" written on the body somewhere or on a sign.


Once the photos are taken, people will be asked to post on social media on the first day of early voting (October 14) and use the hashtags #fit2vote and #fit2vote2020.

Bender says she feels the experience of the campaign is not just bring people together but also to lead by example. She says, as instructors and trainers in the fitness community, they all have their own clients and followers and that it's important for them to try to get them involved in this very important election year.

"We are more than instructors,” Bender says in a news release. “We are leaders, role models, and our access to many brings all kinds of people through our doors.”

"I am voting in this election because our democracy is on the line. To not vote is to throw away our voices and allow ourselves to be silenced. Through voting, we must show up, agree that we are stronger together, and make choices to be a part of the changes we are fighting for,” Bender adds.

You can sign up and get more information on the campaign here.