'Reece Whiskerspoon, Albus Dumbledog': Pet insurance company ranks top 10 wackiest pet names

If you thought your pet’s name was weird, a list of the top 10 wackiest names for dogs and cats complied by the Veterinary Pet Insurance Company by Nationwide might give you some perspective.

Coming in at the top of the list for cats was Wu Tang Cat, Reece Whiskerspoon and Jean Clawed Van Damme.

For dogs, the top three names were Albus Dumbledog, Big League Chewie and Bilbo Beggins.

“One of our all-time favorite characters is the headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore—whose name lends itself to dog puns pretty easily,” said Albus’s owner Jessica Barlas on Nationwide’s website. “We actually had a list of four or five names, but he responded to Albus Dumbledog the most.”

Among the other eccentric names on the list were dog-name gems such as “Indiana Bones" and "Ruff Bader Ginsburg," and creative cat-name treasures "Stinky Puddin" and "Avocato."