100-year-old NJ woman reveals she works 6 days, 50 hours per week

A New Jersey woman is celebrating a huge milestone, after turning 100 years old Tuesday. 

Though Miriam Todd is officially 100 years old, believe it or not, she still works six days a week, 50 hours a week at the family business, Nehlig's Furniture in Stratford. 

"I don't feel 100 because I'm so blessed by the lord with good health and a good mind," said Miriam Todd. 

Miriam's parents started the business back in 1929, and she's been carrying on their legacy all these years later. She says work keeps her going.

"I like work and people will say to me, "your still working?" I say, "I'm not working, I'm enjoying what I'm doing."

Miriam works alongside her son Bob, grandson Bob Jr. and granddaughter Christy Todd Hoffman. 

She's usually in her office working on the books and orders, but you'll also be able to find her out on the showroom floor.

"We're here 50 hours or more a week. It's my pleasure to be able to do everything. I come out and help the customers when I have to certainly, and I enjoy being with them," said Miriam. 

And folks really seem to enjoy and love her. 

One longtime customer made her a special custom cake decorated with chocolate furniture. Meanwhile, another friend sent her 100 roses for 100 years. 

"I am overwhelmed and just so thankful for such love poured out to me," said the birthday girl.

Her family says she is extraordinary. 

"I really think it’s her faith. I think it shows her character and her strength," said her son Bob. 

"From the moment I started working here, all the values that her parents taught her were instilled in me and my sister and that culture is really what makes us standout," said her grandson. 

When Miriam is not at work, or cooking for the family, she likes to go for a swim and spend time by the pool and of course cheer on her favorite team.

"Oh, I'm a big Phillies fan. OH, I love them, especially Bohm on third," she gushed. 

Miriam is a mom to three, grandmother to three, great-grandmother to seven and great-great-grandmother to five.

In case you were wondering, she has no plans on retiring any time soon. 

Happy Birthday, Miriam!