11 missing in Hays County after Memorial weekend flooding


Tuesday night, Hays County officials announced that 11 people are now missing from the area after two were found safe.

Authorities did release photos of the missing people along with their names. You can find those photos in the above slideshow in this article.

This is an update to this story the previous version is as follows:

Texas Task Force 1 along with Texas Military Services got off to an early start Tuesday.

"Where we quit yesterday we're going to go back into that same spot. I've got a boat squad down there that's going to do a search from the water," said Keith Bobbit with TTF1.

Bobbit briefed his team before heading out -- warning them about dangerous snakes and giving them a specific debris pile to investigate.

"We will either delaminate by hand or we'll get some chain saws. You've got some chainsaws and stuff we'll just kind of check it out and see what we can do," Bobbit said.

We're told 8 of the 13 missing were here vacationing together from Corpus Christi as several families when the home they were staying in was swept away.

Meanwhile, those who survived the flood continued the extensive cleanup.

Cherri Mailey got a frantic call from a friend.

"I said I'm buying ply wood to board up the windows and she said 'Cherri there's no back of the house. And I was like 'ok let's just go,'" she said.

In an afternoon press conference Hays County Commissioner Will Conley called the flood a historic tsunami of water they've never seen.

"According to tree ring surveys, [the trees] have been there for 500 to 600 years. They have seen thousands of different floods and if you fly the river today almost none of them are standing," Conley said.

Conley says the surge of record is 32 feet. This one reached 44 feet.

Hays County Judge Bert Cobb warned everyone...with more rain on the way, this isn't over.

"The rivers are already full so any additional rain is going to top out and cause even greater damage and possible loss of life. We have no excuse for not knowing that," Cobb said.

Both Cobb and the family of the large group of people missing are urging homeowners along the Blanco River to go out and check their property to make sure there's no one there who needs help.