19 Texas firefighters added to Fallen Firefighters National Memorial

Nineteen Texas firefighters were honored as their names were added to the Fallen Firefighters National Memorial.

"Behind every name is a story of service and sacrifice," said Chief Tonya Hoover, Acting U.S. Fire Administrator. 

Overall, 215 firefighters' names were added. All losing their lives in the line of duty. 

"When called, they did what they were trained to do, provide service and comfort to those who needed it and expected nothing in return," said Troy Markel, NFFF Chairman. 

Of those who were honored: 87 died in 2020, 82 in 2019, and 46 were being honored from previous years. 

"Your loved ones will be remembered through history," Jan Gardner, Frederick County Executive said. "Their names etched into a plaque on the grounds of the memorial. They will not be forgotten"

Those from Texas include: 

  • Captain Randell Willmon of the Dallas Fire-Rescue
  • Captain Bradley Burney of the Mesquite Fire Department
  • Lieutenant Dennis Page, Jr. of the Dallas Fire-Rescue
  • Firefighter Frank Partida, Jr. of the Glen Flora Volunteer Fire Department
  • Firefighter Lloyd Moseley, Jr. of the Dallas Fire-Rescue
  • Lieutenant John Blume of the Dallas Fire-Rescue
  • Assistant Chief Clayton Fenwick of the Sugar Land Fire-EMSFire Marshal Lance Norwood of the College Station Fire Department
  • Firefighter Kenneth Stavinoha of the Houston Fire Department
  • Firefighter Steven Henderson of the Louise Volunteer Fire Department
  • Firefighter Gregory Garza of the San Antonio Fire Department
  • Lieutenant David Hill of the Lubbock Fire Department
  • Fire Suppression Technician Eduardo Ramirez of the El Paso Fire Department
  • Captain Stephen Hill of the Richardson Fire Department
  • Assistant Chief Duncan Henderson of the Ringgold Volunteer Fire Department
  • Driver/Engineer Jesus De La Rosa, Jr. of the Weslaco Fire Department
  • Firefighter Diana Jones of the KL Farms/Fire LLC
  • Captain Frazier Holbert of the Carrollton Fire Rescue
  • Arson Investigator Lemual Bruce of the Houston Fire Department

"The people we honor today are missing from this realm, but they are not gone," said Deanne Criswell, FEMA Administrator. "They live within us through memories, the ways they made you smile, and through all they touched along the way." 

Their names were added to the seven-foot, stone monument, but it's not only their names that live on but a legacy. 

"At the base of the monument is the eternal flame that symbolizes the spirit of all firefighters - past, present, and future," Hoover said. 

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