2 Liberty Hill HS students score perfect ACT scores

It’s officially the season where high school seniors figure out what they want to do after graduation. For some students, that means taking the SAT and ACT.

This year, Liberty Hill High School found out not one, but two of their seniors scored a perfect score on their ACT.

"I bought the ACT practice exams, and I did a lot of them. And I also use Khan academy to study," says Liberty Hill High School senior, Abby Parsons.

Both Abby Parsons and Conrad Gerten are seniors at Liberty Hill High School. They say they were surprised to get a perfect score.

"I was a little bit nervous before the tests, but once the tests started, all my nerves were when I was just focusing on making sure that I answered all the questions," says Liberty Hill High School senior, Conrad Gerten.

"I had taken it before, and I knew this was going to be my last time. And so, I was just prepared to take whatever score I got," says Parsons.

Even though they felt prepared, Parsons says she had to deal with some obstacles to get that score.

"During the pandemic, I didn't get a lot of algebra and geometry teaching, so a lot of my skills on the city and the city are based on that. So I had to go to my teachers for extra help and the fundamentals of math," says Parson.

A challenge Gerten faced was balancing extracurricular activities and studying for the exam.


"A lot of my prep actually was for the SAT. Once it got to the time to take the ACT. I was really busy, but I did prep on Khan Academy for about a week in, like, just in school when I had time," says Gerten.

Some advice Parsons and Gerten want to give to others as they prepare to take the exam.

"Make sure you're keeping track of how quickly you're answering the questions. And if you have extra time, then spend the extra time to try to get the questions right," says Gerten.

"Make sure to know the fundamentals and really study what you miss doing practice exams and also study what works best for you," says Parsons.

Liberty Hill ISD waives the fees for qualifying sophomores and juniors to take the PSAT and SAT.