2015 Gift Guide: 4 Favorites

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Here are the top four products on my personal gift list.

From the newsroom, to the classroom to out on the town with friends- chances are I'm wearing these pants!  The price point kept me away at first, but when I consider how often I wear them, the cost-per-wear is cheaper than other pants I own.  Lululemon's ABC Pants feature four-way stretch and sweat-wicking Warpstreme™ fabric  which make them super comfy and sweat ready.  For these pants it's all in the name.  Click the link to read the story behind "ABC" and then click that "buy" button!

I bought my first My Pillow at the State Fair and quickly found myself online to buy another one.  Filled with foam pieces this pillow is easy to keep fluffed and super supportive.  Toss it in the washer and dryer and it always comes out looking like new!  I've been sleeping on mine for a year and couldn't love it more!  The company lists all kind of benefits for use, I can tell you the best part for me is sound sleep!

I use this product every day!  Finally extra battery power with OPTIONAL bulk.  I started using this in January at the Consumer Electronics Show and haven't stopped since.  The Energi Case from TYLT features a power sleeve and protective case.  Slide one into the other when you need more juice- slide it out when you don't.  Unlike other battery cases you don't have to remove your case to remove the external power.  Pair with TYLT'S FLYP DUO cord so you always have both a microUSB and Lightening connector handy.

You will find this product in my living room right now.  No more wires to worry about- the Aries Prime HDMI Transmitter from Nyrius will wireless transmit HD content from your cable or satellite box or laptop right to your TV.  No more fishing wires through walls, this device makes the connection for you.  Easy set up and crystal clear picture thanks to a powerful 30 foot signal.  Whether watching a movie or mastering a video game this will bring it to any big screen!