3 Austin murder suspects arrested by Lone Star Fugitive Task Force

The Lone Star Fugitive Task Force arrested three Austin murder suspects Tuesday evening. 

"These are three violent cases, all three are wanted for homicide and this is just our task force working endlessly," said Deputy Brandon Filla with the US Marshals, who spoke with FOX 7 Austin on the recent arrests.

The first arrest was 39-year-old Andrew Treviño in connection with a December 2020 fatal stabbing. According to arrest records, a male victim was found stabbed in the neck and was pronounced dead off of E. Riverside Drive. On Tuesday, Austin police with the assistance of the task force arrested Treviño who was still in the city.

Shortly after this arrest, the task force was alerted about another Austin murder suspect in a different case. They were then on scene in Spring near Houston. From there the task force moved in and arrested 30-year-old Frank Nobles, the suspect in a September fatal shooting. A female victim had been pronounced dead after being shot multiple times at an apartment complex on Reagan Hill Drive.

Shortly after this arrest the task force was notified of another murder suspect. "Now we’re two for two all of a sudden, that was right before everybody was about to go home around the 5 o’clock hour," said Deputy Filla.

The task force arrested a juvenile who was believed to have shot and killed a person in a vehicle at a mobile home park off SH 71 earlier in November.

"It takes time but what people don’t realize is the work leading up to this day, the work leading up to Tuesday night. You’re talking endless hours that took on surveillance a week or two before Tuesday. It just so happened that they were all observed on surveillance and easy to apprehend but it was a lot of resources," said Deputy Filla.

The Lone Star Fugitive Task Force focuses on apprehending suspects in violent crimes. For this year Deputy Filla said tt’s been busy especially for murder cases. 

"Are we working more homicides than we recently have, I can say absolutely yes but I think that’s been documented throughout the country but that’s what the Marshal service does, we go after the worst of the worst," said Filla.

The Lone Star Fugitive Task Force was formed back in 2005. They focus on tracking down and arresting suspects in violent crimes so police departments can focus their resources on gathering evidence and prepare everything for court.

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