3 separate shootings across Austin send 5 people to hospital

Police are investigating three shootings that happened within four hours of each other.

The shootings happened throughout Austin early Saturday morning. Austin Police say five people were sent to the hospital and at least three people were seriously injured.

The first shooting happened around 3 a.m. near the Wendy's parking lot just east of downtown Austin.

"The call initially came out that several people were jumping on the hood of a car firearms were seen in possession of those persons."

When officials arrived they say the crowd of people took off running toward the Shell station nearby.

"The scene was very chaotic there was approximately three hundred people running in all directions cars were trying to leave and persons' trying to leave," according to police.

Officials say as the crowd got to the parking lot they heard shots fired. According to police say three people in that case were taken to the hospital.

"Two persons were shot in the leg one shot in the hand none of the injuries appear to be life threatening. A fire arm was ceased from one the victims who is now possible a suspect."

The second shooting happened near Longview and 25th Streets, near the University of Texas West Campus. Police say one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

If police weren't busy enough, less than an hour later, a third shooting was reported. It happened at a Denny's restaurant in North Austin.

Austin Police Sgt. Charles Rohre says a customer apparently tried to leave the restaurant without paying.

"A physical altercation at which point the suspect displayed a weapon and fired several shots some of them struck the victim," says Stg. Rohre.

Sgt. Rohre says the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover. Police are still looking for the shooter and have not released a description.

Authorities say the earlier shootings are not related.