3-year-old Austin FC fan’s celebration gains attention from club, MLS

A little Austin FC fan’s celebration is going viral across Austin.

In a video from Austin FC’s match Wednesday against Houston Dynamo in Q2 Stadium, three-year-old Sebastian Heredia, while sitting atop his dad's shoulders, took off his jersey and celebrated with other fans shortly after Austin scored their third goal.

"Luckily I was able to record him taking off his shirt and it’s pretty cute because he was struggling with it to," said William Heredia, Sebastian’s dad.

The video was shared by both Austin FC and Major League Soccer. "I was surprised to see the actual Austin FC team reposted on their page so that’s been very exciting," said Heredia.

Austin FC said it’s supporters like Sebastian who are helping to make this new club grow. 

"It was an incredible atmosphere and an incredible night. Moments like that show you how much passion people have not just for the club but for the city and it’s special, it’s absolutely special," said Austin FC VP of Communications Ryan Madden.

Overall Austin FC said they couldn’t be any more grateful to their supporters, as they continue with their inaugural season.

"You see all walks of life in the supporter section. They’re amazing supporters and they are better people. It inspires the team every single home game to give it their absolute best there’s no doubt about it," said Madden.

Austin FC will travel to Frisco this Saturday to face FC Dallas.

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