32-year-old man sues NW Houston hotel after allegedly being beaten, stabbed in parking lot

According to the lawsuit, crimes like burglary, assault, and robbery paid frequent visits to the Rest Well Inn at 222 Airtex Blvd in Houston.

"This particular area had 30 calls to that one address the year that this happened," said attorney Tony Buzbee. "200 or more calls in less than a mile radius of that area."


The suit states Jose Benavidez was working on a construction project at the hotel and was also staying there as a guest.

On the night of January 22, he returned to the Rest Well Inn after eating at a nearby fast-food restaurant.

According to the suit, two unknown assailants began beating and stabbing him.

"He ran to the front door of the hotel, and the front desk operator locked the front door on him," Buzbee said. "He's outside crying, yelling, trying to get back in, and he couldn't even get into the hotel that he was a resident of."


"He had been stabbed 10 times. He had broken ribs, there was a big gash on his head," said Jose's mother Veronica Benavidez.

She says Jose is married with two kids, a 9-year-old and a 2-year-old. Doctors told her, Jose was lucky to survive. He remains in the hospital.

"He has to have a kidney transplant. But the doctor said he was too weak at that time, that we needed to wait probably eight to 12 months, so he would be strong enough to go through that type of surgery," Benavidez said.

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We went to the Rest Well Inn for a response but have yet to hear back.

The two men who attacked Jose Benavidez have yet to be arrested.