3D-printed homes now on sale in Arizona; builders say it's affordable and sustainable

The housing market has been a tricky one to navigate lately in Arizona, but a new kind of home is coming to Casa Grande that the builders say is affordable, as well as sustainable.

"It's a mix between concrete, foam insulation and steel," said Genji Nakata with builder Century Communities.

There are 42 homes in the new Mountainview Estates community that is built by a 3D printer.

"They're a little bit different than some of the other 3D printing companies that are out there right now, because they have the energy efficiency, they have the sound reducing properties, they're incredibly strong, but they have a traditional look and feel," said Nakata.

There are three floor plans available, ranging from 1,400 square feet to 1,900 square feet. From start to finish, each one takes less than six weeks to build.

"The walls are 3D printed. Interior and exterior walls," said Nakata. "The roof is still traditionally built, and then, we have a normal post-tension foundation."

Officials with Century Communities say the houses are built to withstand Arizona's extreme heat even better than a traditional home.

"The walls are stronger. The insulation properties of the home are greater. The thermal mass of the home and the incredibly high "R-Value" of the walls will keep the house cooler in the summertime," said Nakata.

The "R-Value" that Nakata mentioned refers to insulation level. Specifically, according to the energystar.gov website, "R-Value" is a measure of insulation's ability to resist heat traveling through it.

As for the price point, it is under $300,000.

"We picked out a perfect site with a view of the mountains, and we thought it was a perfect opportunity and where to have our first community for sale," said Nakata.

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