4 expensive dogs stolen from southeast side vet spa, one area family demanding answers

"Tucker is a family member to us. He's more than just a dog to my kids, he's a sibling to us, he's another child," said Tucker's owner Anesha Pittman.

"My wife adores the dog," said Byran Richmond. "He was an emotional support dog for her and turns out to be an emotional support dog for us as a family."

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Tucker was supposed to stay 10 days at Mane & Minks Vet Spa at 4936 Griggs Road while his owners were in Jamaica.

On Tuesday, which was the seventh day, Pittman got a call saying Tucker had been stolen.

"We had a break-in and her puppy was stolen, and three other dogs were stolen," said Vet Spa owner Josh Gillespie.

He told us, the other dogs stolen were two English Bulldogs that belonged to him.


He told police they were valued at $8,000 and a Boston Terrier Mix was also taken.

"Our dog is not listed as one of the missing dogs on the police report," Pittman said.


Missing poster for Tucker

Gillespie told us that was correct,

"We are waiting on a call right now from the police department to resolve that issue. The officer didn't write all the stuff down," he said,

"I wanted information on the owner of the Boston Terrier, so we can maybe see what they were doing maybe get on the same page," Richmond said. "But no information was given to us, he said he was trying to keep it confidential. I mean what are they doing,"

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"Obviously Tucker was a big part of our family, and we just want him back safely," Pittman said.

"After everything starts to unfold, it's alarming," Richmond said. "It just doesn't sit right."

We asked the Vet Spa owner for pictures of the three other stolen dogs, but didn't get anything.

If you have any information, please call or text (202) 425-0566.