68% of voters have already cast their ballot in Williamson County

A record number of voters have cast their ballot in Williamson County before the polls on Election Day have even opened.

“If we are not number 1 then we are right there in second place as far as percentage turnout in the state. we are very pleased with that,” said Chris Davis the Williamson County election administrator.

According to Davis, about 68% of the registered voter population has cast their vote early, a percentage which is beginning to eclipse previous elections.

“2008 had 68% for the entire election and actually in 1992 when this county was way less populated with about 7,100 registered voters they had an 85% turn out at that time. Really that’s apples and oranges because we have 5 times to amount of registered voters population now versus then,” said Davis.

With how many who took advantage of early voting, Davis said it will be interesting how many show up the day of. “We’re just kind of curious how many folks there will be. How many traditionalists will be out there and find time to vote,” said Davis.


If you are one of the 32% who still hasn’t voted, there are some useful tools to take advantage of on Election Day. GoGeo buses will be offering free rides for one. The county will also be posting wait times at each polling location on their website.

Once the clock strikes 7:01 pm, they will begin releasing early voting results as well. “I suspect some of the public or candidates will see some trends and outcomes by then,” said Davis.

With this large turnout in early voting, Davis said come election day the turnout will be one for the books. “This puts Texas at a minimum in the middle of the pack in state rankings for turn out if not higher I’m tired of Texas being second to last,” said Davis.