7-year-old phenom photographer shoots Echosmith at ACL

During Echosmith's performance last weekend, they gave a local girl an opportunity of a lifetime. Now the 7-year-old photographer is getting a lot of attention for her work.

Bands performing at ACL want the best of the best to capture them in action. Now we're finding out that age doesn't really matter.

Don't let this little girl's size fool you. She may only be 7 years old but Ryder Blue, is well beyond her years. She was approved by her favorite band, Echosmith, to photograph their performance at the Austin City Limits Music Festival this past weekend.

From backstage to up close and personal, she felt like a "cool kid" the entire day.

"Take pictures with her, take pictures of her and take pictures of the whole band," says Ryder Blue Cavazos, 7-year-old photographer.

Ryder's love for photography began at just three years old.

"I found her doing some self-portraits with a camera that was on a tripod. I just noticed that there was interest in it and it started to grow a little more, until she wanted to use my camera," says Daniel Cavazos, father. 

Ryder looks up to her father Daniel, who is also a photographer. Her very first camera was an underwater Canon.

Although young, she was able to get her first chance at shooting music at Fun Fun Fun Fest last year.

This year, Ryder's dad wrote Echosmith asking if they would give her the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be their photographer at ACL.

"It's a band of four siblings and I think they just thought it was a cool thing. Even afterward, the singer told me that it was just really cool for her to look over and see this little girl shooting pictures of her," says Daniel Cavazos, father.

Although a shy little girl, Ryder was very excited for the opportunity.

"I like shooting from the side of the stage. I don't like being in the front because there's more people and it's hotter," says Ryder Blue Cavazos, 7-year-old photographer.

Over the last year, her skills have blossomed. Her father is proud of all that she has been able to learn so far.

"I would give her some advice, 'maybe you want to see the girl's face, the singer's face. Maybe you don't always shoot her from the back.' But sometimes, when she would be on a break, she would stand up on her own and pick up the camera and shoot a little bit. So there's a little bit less of the encouraging,'" says Daniel Cavazos, father.

As you can tell, her passion isn't dying down anytime soon. Ryder's next big gig is next month at Fun Fun Fun Fest.