After 700 days in shelter, senior dog adopted by senior citizen: ‘Perfect match'

After two years of waiting in the shelter, Velcro, a senior dog found his perfect match in a fellow senior citizen. 

According to the animal rescue organization Austin Pets Alive, the 10-year-old Carolina dog mix had been searching for a loving home since 2022. 

But, with his older age came some arthritis, and his unknown background likely contributed to some trust issues and progressive neurological and musculoskeletal challenges. 

Because of this, the Austin, Texas-based rescue said finding his perfect home took longer than expected.


Velcro was rescued after more than 700 days in shelter. (Credit: Austin Pets Alive, Karen Hardwick, and Amanda Stronza)

"An ideal home would be slow paced, just like him! And come with a patient and understanding human," they explained.

But Velcro wasn’t the only one searching for a companion. 

At 75 years old, Jeanette recently lost her two senior pups and was ready to open her home to another senior pet in need. She needed a low-energy dog to share her home with.

Soon after they met, Jeanette welcomed Velcro into her home under a foster care program that offered the intention to adopt.


Velcro is currently 10 years old. (Credit: Austin Pets Alive, Karen Hardwick, and Amanda Stronza)

"Our volunteer's dedication to care for him during his time with us, and the adopter's commitment to be patient and caring, all worked out in the end," a spokesperson for the rescue told FOX Television Stations. 

On March 7, the rescue posted a  video of Jeanette playing with Velcro in her yard, writing, "This video is just a snippet of a story of two souls looking for their perfect match." 

Jeanette said she hopes her adoption story will encourage other people not to overlook special needs and senior dogs. 

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"They deserve love and they give as much as they get," she said in a statement. "They respond to love just as well, if not more than younger dogs. Velcro has adopted me… he has chosen me."

Each year, thousands of at-risk animals come into Austin Pets Alive’s care – many of which have been deemed "unadoptable" due to behavioral or health challenges. 

"Senior dogs deserve loving homes to live out their golden years. Adopters like Jeanette are a testament that you are capable of bringing a new furry friend into your life and giving them a life full of love," the spokesperson continued. "We truly recommend visiting your local shelters and helping find homes for long-stay and senior pets. It's worth it." 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.