926-pound Mako caught in New Jersey

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Courtesy: Jenny Lee Sportfishing 

A fishing crew in New Jersey reeled in a 926-pound Mako shark. 

The boat's crew was fishing about 100 miles off the state coast in an area known as Hudson Canyon Saturday. The shark was weighed and displayed in Brielle later that day.

Kevin Gerrity, captain of the boat, says they didn't think they could manage to catch the shark. It took over two hours to pull aboard. The fish weighed in at 926 pounds, which surpasses the New Jersey state Mako record of 856 pounds set in 1994.

The captains say their clients took more than 400 pounds of fish steaks back home and fed the entire neighborhood.

And as it turns out, although it's believed to be the largest shark ever caught off the coast of New Jersey because of a technicality it will not qualify for an official state record. The reason is more than one angler reeled in the fish.

The Hudson Canyon is populated by a number of large fish, and has produced multiple record setting fish catches.