ACL Music Festival: Fans enjoy cooler temperatures on day three

Sunday marked the final day of weekend one of the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Thousands returned to Zilker Park to see some of the top acts in music today.

"Yesterday it was glorious, the day before was perfect, you know, sunshining", said festival goer Blane Taylor. 

"It's been so hot these last couple of months in Austin, but it's beautiful this week and just in time for the show," said Blake Chiovara, another festival goer.

Sunday afternoon temperatures were just below 80 degrees as music fans headed to Zilker Park for the third day of the festival.

"It’s been perfect Texas weather, meaning it's better than any other state in this country," said festival goer Veronica Flores.

The attire ranges from long sleeves, to short sleeves, to no sleeves. Some festival goers said they opted for pants instead of shorts and brought a jacket in case the temperatures dropped.

"Each day I tried something a little different," Chiovara said. "The first day I was wearing long sleeves; yesterday I was wearing a tank top, shorts, sandals, trying different things. Today, I am just going for a normal fit."

"I’ve got a sweater in my fanny pack just in case I get cold later," said Catalina Ramos, another festival goer.

Festival goers say there is a drastic difference in the weather and festival preparation compared to previous years.

"It is a little cooler, which is nice," Taylor said. "We have been coming for years, and it is always, you know, take your shirt off and sweat for 10 hours straight."

"I just put something pulled over my shoulders for the sun and a little bit of sunscreen and good to go," Flores said.


According to Austin City Limits, more than 225,000 music fans are expected to attend the festival.

Once inside the festival, that's when music fans say things heat up.

"There is so many people, there is so much walking," Ramos said.

"I'll probably be taking off my shirt at some point today," Chiovara said.

As the first weekend comes to an end, one festival goer say it is safe to say that she took full advantage of the weather and entertainment.

"This is the first weekend , so one weekend is enough," Flores said.