Advocates for better gun laws hold concert at Threadgill's

Artists and activists in Austin, along with several other cities participated in the Concert Across America Sunday.

Music can always lure a large crowd, but this concert is not just for fun. Texas Gun Sense, and advocates came together to remember victims of gun violence and also think about ways to keep Americans safer.

“Guns very easily fall into the hands of criminals, felons, domestic abusers. The other issue is safe storage. Too many people do not store their guns properly,” said Andrea Brauer, executive director, Texas Gun Sense.
Local favorite Threadgill's hosted the Concert Across America to End Gun Violence. There were 350 other events happening simultaneously across the nation. Texas Gun Sense was a lead organizer. They encourage smarter gun laws.

“Though people have the right to bear arms, we also have the duty to regulate,” said Brauer.
Robin Richard is someone directly affected by gun violence. Her brother Joey shot himself in 1991.

“He found my other brother's gun. It wasn't locked, and it was loaded,” said Richard. Twenty two years later, that other brother, Jeff took his own life too.

“He felt like joey did it because he didn't want to be a burden on anyone. So we almost turned it into a heroic act, a noble act and I didn't realize that at the time. Then in 2013 when my brother Jeff took his own life it dawned on me, we have to talk about this. We can't make it heroic,” said Richard.

Richard worries about her daughter growing up in this day and age.

“I shouldn't have to worry when I go to school, if someone will come inside with a gun,” said Connor Richard, Richard’s daughter.

“We don't have universal background checks in Texas, so the estimate is that 40 percent of all gun sales are made without a background check.

It's not hard to bring a crowd to some live music in Austin. But Richard and Texas Gun Sense are hoping the nation and the world can make more sense of guns in the United States so Connor won't have too much to worry about, only passing algebra.

“She needs to be more concerned with schoolwork. Not somebody possibly coming and shooting her,” said Richard.