Ahead of severe weather, La Grange dealing with spring tornado damage

Be weather aware! All of Central Texas is under the threat of severe weather on Friday, including possible tornadoes, hail, and damaging winds.

The National Weather Service is predicting numerous severe storms for most of Central Texas, including the Austin area.

Some emergency crews have already taken to social media telling people to be on alert heading into tomorrow.

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Some communities are still dealing with the severe damage that was caused by weather last year. Many, especially in La Grange, are keeping an eye out.

“Everyone always gets a little frantic when a tornado is predicted to come through, I don't want to say we are worried about it but we don't want to get set back again,” said Jeremy Conard, the worship leader for the First Baptist Church of La Grange.
FOX 7 Austin spoke with Conard in a church building that is currently under construction. The building would have already been completed if it wasn't for a destructive tornado last spring. “It would have been done July 1st. July was our goal, the tornado hit May 3rd,” said Conard.
With wind speeds clocking in at 120 miles per hour, the tornado was strong enough to peel off part of the roof, lodge trees into the building, and completely crush the pavilion. “I just got there in the morning just after the tornado hit and I saw our gate was ripped open and my heart sunk,” Conard said.
McCourt and Sons, The business across the street from the church, took a major hit from the tornado. Their security cameras capturing the moments it passed through. “No lives were lost which it could have very easily happened,” said Conard.
With the possibility of severe weather Friday, Conrad said he is monitoring the weather hoping he doesn't see something similar happen again. Conard said they plan to have their church's building completed by the spring granted weather doesn't delay the project again.