Airplane part drops from sky into swimming pool

A Florida woman says a airplane fuel cap came sailing though her screened-in swimming pool, bounced-off the patio and went into the water.  Dara Hackett, of Winter Garden, was nearby there when it happened.

"We heard this loud noise that sounded louder than a gunshot, then a 'ting,' and then a splash," she said. "It was very loud, got scared, and this was laying in the pool."

She fished it out and took a good look at it.

"It says here 'cap pressure fueling service.' you can tell looking at it, in all honesty, it's a gas cap."

And it still smells like fuel.  They contacted the Winter Garden Police. Department who filed a report.  

"They felt it could be military," Hackett said.

We contacted the Federal Aviation Administration. The agency said they are investigating and could have more information next week.  Hackett says the whole experience has left her shaken, thinking how close she was to the chunk of metal.

"Makes me count my blessings, makes me want to play the lotto, and kind of live life to the fullest now!" she said.

No matter how this investigation shakes out, Hackett said she would like to keep the cap as a souvenir.