AISD looks at ways to cut spending

To cut costs, Austin ISD board members are looking into possibly closing/consolidating some schools, but that idea is not sitting well with a local teachers’ union.

In a letter Friday, Superintendent Paul Cruz said the district is looking at consolidating and repurposing facilities...this could mean closures of under-enrolled schools.  Monday night the school board met in a work session to kick off the discussion on how to cut costs. The district is 65 million dollars over budget. Teacher's union "Education Austin" believes any thought of closing campuses, should be tossed.

"Whether they're enrolled to capacity or under enrolled, we have to realize, the eastside community has been hit historically year after year, decade after decade. Things were ripped out of that side as they are gentrified, as more of the land, homes, communities and businesses are taken away, this is one more thing that gets taken away," said Ken Zarifis, president of Education Austin.

Superintendent Paul Cruz says there is not a list of schools they plan on closing yet. The board will discuss the issue at their board work session Feb. 11.