Alex Jones Trial: Plaintiffs bring in psychiatry expert on day five

Day five of Alex Jones' defamation damages trial started out with a couple of video depositions, one of them being Infowars employee Adan Salazar.

Lawyers are still making their case to the jury as to why Jones should be ordered to cough up $150 million in total damages. Mental anguish is one of those reasons they are arguing for. Hence, they brought in a psychiatrist.

"It's a pretty traumatic event to lose a child. It's against nature and our expectations," said psychiatrist and expert Dr. Roy Lubit.

Lubit testified that Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, parents of Jesse Lewis who was killed at Sandy Hook in 2012, have been traumatized and have PTSD as a result of the lawsuit and defamation.

The plaintiffs were trying to paint a picture to the jury of how the last several years have been for the parents as they try to cope with their son's loss, and deal with hoax claims on Infowars.

"How have Alex Jones' lies impacted Neil and Scarlett's ability to heal?" said Bill Ogden, attorney for the family.

"It has pushed them back," said Lubit.


Jones' attorney pushed back during cross-examination. "If somebody watching you testify went out and did something to Alex Jones, do you think you should be held responsible? You didn't substantiate your sources," said F. Andino Reynal.

After the lunch hour, Reynal asked for a mistrial, which the judge denied, and admonished him for breaking some rules.

"You asked a question that assumes facts that are not in evidence, and misrepresents the testimony we have had in this case so far," said Judge Maya Guerra Gamble.

Jones told FOX 7 Austin he doesn't have $1 million in the bank and he is bankrupt.