InfoWars producer, host take the stand in Alex Jones defamation trial

Day three of Alex Jones' defamation damages trial consisted of two InfoWars employees getting on the stand. Producer Daria Karpova was first, with it being her third day on the stand. Jones' defense tried to imply that the Sandy Hook hoax idea did not begin with him.

"There was a blogger/documentary filmmaker by the name of Sophia Smallstorm, she was a big proponent of Sandy Hook being a staged event," said Karpova.

She also spoke in Jones' defense saying the Sandy Hook shooting has become synonymous with his name.

"People don’t know the shooter's name, but they think Alex Jones murdered those children," she said.

Karpova later said Jones has become stressed due to the lawsuit and has been negatively affected, including medically. That statement came back up during re-cross examination.

"Do you understand that Mr. Jones claiming that he has suffered health effects, negative things in his life, people lying on him on a grand scale, do you know how that can be viewed hypocritically in this courtroom because of why my clients are here?" said Mark Bankston, attorney for Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis.

"It's just the truth, what am I supposed to say?" said Karpova.

Attorney Mark Bankston, attempted to paint a different picture of Alex Jones to the jury.

"You said Mr. Jones would be a great advocate for the parents right? Didn’t he tell him he's nobody to mess with?" said Bankston.

"Out of context," Karpova responded.

Jones met with FOX 7 Austin outside of the courthouse saying he does believe the massacre happened.

"I've been saying I believe Sandy Hook happened for six years. What they did is put out edited tapes where I would say 'some people believe Sandy Hook is totally fake,’" said Jones.

By late afternoon, Owen Shroyer, an InfoWars host, also took the stand. Attorney Kyle Farrar said Shroyer appeared to be unremorseful about what was said on the show. Questioning with Shroyer will continue Friday. 

Lawyers are asking the jury order Jones to pay out $150 million in damages.