Alex Jones Sandy Hook defamation trial: InfoWars employee testifies on second day

Day two of Alex Jones’ defamation trial consisted of the attorney for Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, questioning Daria Karpova, Jones' producer. 

Attorney Mark Bankston worked to solidify claims of false information about the Sandy Hook shooting circulating on the Infowars website. Bankston wanted to prove to the jury just how far the hoax claims reached.

"Would you agree with me that 'FBI says no one killed at Sandy Hook' was the third most viewed story on that list?" said Bankston during the trial. 

Karpova later said yes, that at the time, on the website, that story was the third most popular and getting a lot of web traffic. She said she is not sure if the writers verified the information with the FBI. 


The plaintiffs also brought up a term Jones used often, "crisis actors".

"It's a giant witch hunt, it's a show trial, it's a fraud,’ said Jones.

Jones was already ruled liable for defamation on the Sandy Hook massacre, something he said was not fair.

"They have all our emails, all our documents, and they say we didn't give them any documents so they defaulted us saying that we're guilty. A judge says I'm guilty without a trial by jury, so now the jury decides how guilty I am and they use unopened emails that people sent us as proof that we're bad," said Jones.

Jones stated at the beginning of the trial that he already apologized numerous times and his company can't pay, because it's bankrupt.