Amazon Prime Day

It is amazon prime day. The online sales giant is cranking out new deals every five minutes.

Last year sales surpassed Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

For the city of San Marcos it is certainly Christmas in July. The excitement is all due to this amazon fulfillment center in town.

If you take part in the prime day event, your items may come from here.

Amazon opened the center in 2016 and shipped out more than one million packages for the holiday season. Amazon employs 3,000 at its San Marcos location and is currently hiring.

Last week amazon held a summer job fair party at the chamber of commerce. Chamber president and amazon prime member Jason Mock said 80 people were interviewed.

He sees amazon's success in deals like Tuesday as more potential growth here locally.

Jason Mock, President & CEO, San Marcos chamber of commerce said it's a great opportunity. 

"It’s opportunity. It’s great opportunity not only for amazon, but for our community. You just never know if a package today that was ordered online through prime may shipped from San Marcos. I may be arriving at your door tomorrow in another state. So it is a great. We’re in a great position in San Marcos," said Mock.

The next hiring event is set for this Saturday at Greg-Clarke park in Kyle.

Amazon is advertising on-the-spot job offers. Pay starts at $12 an hour.

Back to prime day the top selling item is the amazon echo.

The event ends Wednesday at 2 a-m.