Amputee bald eagle adjusting to new life at Detroit Zoo

Mr. America is a bald eagle that badly damaged his wing just before Thanksgiving after he flew into a power line. Sadly, there was no choice but to amputate his wing.

But now, things are looking up for Mr. America, because he has a new home at the Detroit Zoo.

Mr. America also has a new roommate named Flash, who also had a wing amputated. Flash and has been living at the zoo for nine years. Neither bird can fly, but they can still get around and enjoy themselves just fine.

While Mr. America is still getting used to the social and physical challenges of only having one wing, Flash is getting used to not being the only bird around. But zookeepers told Fox 2 they’ll soon be glad to have the company and better off than they were before.

Mr. America is just the latest addition to nearly 100 rescued animals currently in the care of the Detroit Zoo.