Anti-racism group responds to KKK recruitment pamphlets

Robin Schneider and her group of activists scoured a South Austin neighborhood targeted for recruitment by the Ku Klux Klan Saturday afternoon. They were spreading the message "black lives matter.”

It's a quiet neighborhood, but it's now apparently on the KKK’s radar.

“They're out here trying to make a public statement, and so we're out here making a public statement,” said Schneider.

Last week more than three homes received racist pamphlets instructing residents on how to join the KKK.

“The KKK's numbers are way down, and that's a good thing, but they are still out there recruiting,” said Schneider.

In response to this, Schneider and her team walked around the neighborhood letting residents know they are being targeted for recruitment.

“Most of the reactions I got today was shock and people who are completely appalled,” said activist Kevan Drake.

One of the recipients of the Schneider's group's sign, 16-year-old Jasmine Harper, says she understands what the group's goal is, but believes the message should be much different.

“My dad was kind of just like, we should change that. Me being half white and half black, having the white side of my family and the black side of my family, I just feel like all lives matter,” said Harper.

Schneider believes their message is not divisive, but a representation of reality.

“Black lives don't seem to matter as much as white lives,” said Schneider.

The group handed out 44 signs total. Although viewpoints differ on the black lives matter movement, it is clear that neighbors feel the KKK is not welcome here.

“I think it's terrible and I think that more people my age should be aware of what's going on,” said Harper.

“It's important for white people to take a stand and show their concern and their support of racial equity,” said Schneider.