Anti-Trump protests continue in Austin

Hundreds marched through the streets of downtown Austin to protest President-elect Donald Trump. It was the fourth protest related to Trump's victory on Election Day.

People say they are angry that Trump was elected because they do not believe in his policies. They are afraid of his immigration polices and what his time in office could mean for the LGBTQ community.

Protesters blocked off streets while walking and chanting phrases like "Not my President."

Many are holding out hope that members of the Electoral College will vote the popular vote in December and elect Hillary Clinton.

The protest in Austin is just one of many that have sprung up around the nation. Not all have been peaceful as protesters have vandalized property, antagonized police and caused disruptions on the streets.

Austin police made several arrests at the Capitol tonight after some protesters harassed and got physical with a Trump supporter.

Police in Austin did rolling closures as the protests made its way through downtown. Protesters were out for several hours and many say they will not stop until there is a shift in ideals of those in politics.