APD arrests stalking suspect, calls for other victims to come forward

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Austin Police have arrested a man who they say has been stalking women off Oltorf in south Austin.

Mark Lauritzen, 65, has been charged with stalking. Officers say they talked to two women who claim he would circle around their bus stop, make eye contact, and sometimes open his door asking if they wanted a ride.

Victims say Lauritzen has been doing this since November of last year.

On August 30, police say Lauritzen was circling around a bus stop where one of the victims was waiting. The victim got on to the bus and told the bus driver. The driver exited the bus and snapped photos of the man’s vehicle.

APD Lt. Gena Curtis says it is more than a simple hello that the suspect was doing, and that precautions could lead to preventing rape cases. 

"So, it's not a friendly hi, there's more to it. We don't really know what that more is," said Curtis, adding, "However, in law enforcement we know from empirical data in working a lot of different cases, that predators start at one level and then escalate up the continuum if you will and what we don't want to have happen is we don't want to see a lady or any individual raped in our community."

APD wants citizens to take a good look at the vehicle. They ask that any women who may have been approached by him off Oltorf and first, fifth, or in the residential area of Abilene Trail to call 512-974-5888.

APD is not releasing a photo of the man at this time. He is described as white, 5’11’’ in height and 200 pounds.