APD, City of Austin provide update on Prop B enforcement

The Austin Police Department and the City of Austin are providing an update on the enforcement of Proposition B.

Interim Police Chief Joseph Chacon and Homeless Strategy Officer Dianna Grey are expected to speak on the matter. 

FOX 7 Austin will carry it live on our website and our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Recently, the City of Austin moved into the final phase of its city-wide camping ban. Phase 4 allows Austin Police to cite and arrest those in violation of the ban.

Proposition B makes it a criminal offense to camp on sidewalks downtown, in any public area in the city, and also aggressively panhandle during specific hours. Proposition B enforcement is happening at the same time the city council's H.E.A.L. Initiative is ongoing, which targets large campsites and puts those people into housing.

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