APD discovers child pornography on laptop of man accused of installing hidden camera in neighbor's bathroom

An Austin man has been charged after Austin police say they found child pornography on his laptop seized as part of a burglary/invasive recording investigation.

Michael Sagues, 50, is charged with third-degree felony possession of child pornography.

Sagues was arrested back in August after his neighbors discovered a hidden camera behind a mirror in their downstairs bathroom during home renovations back in March. A few hours after the victims discovered the camera, police believe Sagues broke into the home, wearing a balaclava and gloves, and took the camera back. 

Sagues was charged with burglary with intent to commit invasive recording. Court documents indicate he has been charged with first degree burglary of habitation. 

During the course of the initial burglary investigation, police seized several media devices from Sagues' home in April, including two Apple Macbook Pros, according to court documents. In June, detectives discovered what appeared to be images of child pornography and child erotica on one of the Macbooks which appeared to have been downloaded to the device and did not appear to be related to the hidden camera case.

Detectives obtained a search warrant in order to search for additional images in July, and according to court documents, found several images depicting child nudity and erotica, as well as a file with over 20 images depicting children under the age of 18 appearing to be nude except for black boxes digitally censoring them and what appeared to be an advertisement for a website for the "uncensored" versions.

Detectives also found at least five images that fit the state's definition of child pornography, including one of a naked ten-year-old girl, according to court documents. Detectives also discovered documents, resumes, medical records and photographs of Sagues on the laptop, linking him to the device.