APD investigates tenth bank robbery of 2018

Austin Police have responded to at least ten bank robberies so far this year.

The latest bank to be robbed happened Saturday morning at Compass Bank in northeast Austin.

It happened on Cameron Road around 9:00 a.m. police said.

According to police a man walked into the bank armed with a weapon and demanded an undisclosed amount of money.

"A male suspect comes in with a mask on and a hoodie and tells them to give him cash and has a weapon and they proceed to do as told and he leaves the scene before officers can get there,” said Austin Police Sr. Patrol Officer Demitri Hobbs.

Officer Hobbs said this isn't the first time Compass Bank has been robbed in 2018.

It was first hit on Feb. 8 both times in broad daylight and in the early morning.

"In just a short period of time, this bank was been hit twice,” said Hobbs.

Prosperity Bank on northland drive off of 22-22 has also been robbed more than once this year and police said robbers have hit several other locations across town.

They are hoping the public will spot the man responsible for the latest robbery and turn him into authorities.

"Whenever we put out a suspect description we have officers in the area that will actively look in hopes of apprehending the subject as soon as possible," said Officer Destiny Winston with the Austin Police Department.

While ten robberies just two months into the year sounds high, Officer Hobbs said it's too early to tell.

"Usually you have more in the end of the year than the beginning of the year but you never can tell,” said Hobbs.