APD releases names of SXSW crash victims

Austin police have released a list of names of the victims involved in Wednesday's crash after 21-year-old Rashad Charjuan Owens drove a car into a crowd of people at the SXSW festival, killing two people and injuing 23.

The two people who were killed in the crash have been identified as 27-year-old Jamie Ranae West of Austin and 35-year-old Steven Craenmehr of The Netherlands. They were pronounced dead at the scene.

Twenty-three additional patients were transported to area hospitals. Currently, two patients are still in critical condition, three patients are in serious condition, three are hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries and 15 were treated and released. Below is the list of the injured; three females and one male have not yet been identified.

29-year-old Evan West

26-year-old Joseph McCraney

18-year-old Mason Endres

18-year-old Kartisha Davis

19-year-old Greg Cerna

29-year-old April Martinez

20-year-old Ryan Freeman

39-year-old Johannes Hailu

19-year-old Maria Belyaeva

19-year-old Carolyn Grace

29-year-old Jeff Chenzer

20-year-old Ashley Easley

20-year-old Jacob Gallegos

19-year-old Hall Erica

24-year-old Jane Henderson

29-year-old William Josma

20-year-old Juan Leura

21-year-old Jaqueline Longhurst

17-year-old Alexis Zamarippa