APD releases photos of man they say threw scooter into car

A downtown altercation between a driver and an unidentified man who tossed a scooter into his back windshield was all caught on camera Wednesday. Lawrence Black, the driver, is still reeling.

“It's in the shop right now, trying to get it fixed,” he said about his car.

Police are looking for the man who confronted Black. Black said he was driving down Brazos Street Wednesday morning when the man in question darted out against the light at the 7th Street intersection.

“He got in front of me. So I stopped before the crosswalk and I just kind of lightly honked my horn and rolled down my window and told him he can't be in the street it's a green light. He just started punching the car and kicking it. People are like well why didn't you take off? He's in the right corner of my car, if I go forward he could go under the car,” said Black.

“I jump out and get in between him and my fiancee's car. At this point he takes a swing so I kick him,” said Black.

Not long after the incident, Black said police called him in to help with the investigation

“They did have me come in and do a picture lineup. I swear I saw the guy, but he didn't look like he did now. If they showed me a picture of the guy it was at least ten years old. The police tell me this guy has been pointed out by other homeless people, maybe even the Downtown Austin Alliance,” said Black.

The incident has reignited the debate on relaxing camping ordinances in the city, but what black wants it for politics to be put to the side.

“I don’t want this guy arrested to go to jail, I want him arrested for his safety and other people around. You know what I mean. Because if he's arrested for even a week or two, he might get clean,” said Black.

If you recognize the suspect or have video of the incident, call APD at 512-974-5320.