APD working to get East 6th under control

With more videos of disturbances on 6th street, Austin Police say they want to bring some sanity to a sometimes chaotic scene.

"We all know that the consumption of alcohol and the overconsumption of alcohol, or drugs, or both, people make poor choices, poor decisions," says Chief Art Acevedo, Austin Police Department.

This is why Police Chief Art Acevedo says they are working to bring things under control; looking at where the problems are and who's causing them.

"They'll say, 'well these people are getting drunk with the six-pack somewhere.' Well then why are you letting them in the bar in the first place?" says Acevedo.

B.D. Riley's Irish Pub has been on East 6th street for 15 years.

Owner Steve Basile says if you walk down the block, you can see each bar has their own way of running things.

"You pass bars that have barkers and folks waving towels, enticing you with drink specials, ladies nights and flaming shots," says Owner Steve Basile, B.D. Riley's Irish Pub.

He says they've never done that, partly to be realistic about what patrons should consume.

"Maybe in the short-term you make higher sales numbers but you're going to increase the liklehood of problems," says Basile.

APD is now giving a warning to all bar owners.

Their strategy is still being discussed but they are already on the lookout.

"If you're overserving and you are being irresponsible, we are going to identify that fact. We are in the process of developing every legal strategy to hold you accountable," says Acevedo.

Something that Basile meets with his staff about on a quarterly basis so they can be well informed.

"If the server or bartender says you've had enough to drink, or they're not comfortable serving you, it's absolutely the last word," says Basile.

To help stop the problems before they ever start.

APD plans to announce more specific plans on tackling 6th street challenges, at the end of next week.