Arrested Waco biker suing those who kept him in jail

A biker arrested last month at the Twin Peaks shooting in Waco that killed 9 people is speaking out. And his legal team is suing those responsible for jailing him.

Last week, Waco Police chief Brent Stroman defended the arrests of about 175 bikers at Twin Peaks..saying those who went to jail that night, there was probable cause for it.

On Monday, the legal team for Matt Clendennen held a press conference announcing their civil claim against some members of the Waco Police Department, of the McLennan County Sheriff's Department, the District Attorney and the city. The bottom line? They say too many innocent people were arrested that day.

Matt Clendennen is a Baylor business grad with a landscaping business. He's a member of the Scimitars bike club. He says he was on the patio when he heard the shots. The next thing he knew, his hands were zip-tied behind his back and they stayed that way overnight. He had to sleep and eat that way. Clendennen did get out on a lesser bond than the million dollar one. With tears in his eyes, he says the arrest is sure to have an effect on his business.

"To see how easily such careless response from all aspects of the justice system here and how quickly it can ruin something. How quickly it can ruin something you worked so hard for," he said.

"There are certainly some guilty people here -- people with weapons. But there are a lot of people who have shining careers, either a firefighter or a Marine or an Army Sgt. Those are the people whose story needs to get across and people need to see them rather as part of 177 people in orange jumpsuits," Clendennen's attorney Clint Broden said.

Clendennen says the biker group he's with does charity work but they do have ties to the Cossacks and they wear a Cossacks patch. He says he realizes there was a legislative meeting at Twin Peaks that day but he was just there hanging out with friends. He says those meetings are usually pretty boring.

We did get ahold of the District Attorney's office for a response to the suit. They had no comment.