Austin airport releases travel tips ahead of expected busy travel season

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) has released tips for airline passengers as the days ahead are expected to be busy. AUS expects an estimated 28,000 passengers will fly in and out of the airport each day between March 31 to April 4, 2022. 

The airport expects these trends to continue regularly on Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays, and Mondays. The busiest time is early in the morning before 8 a.m.

Although the expected trends may not exceed AUS's single busiest day of 35,298 passengers set in October 2021, the number of travelers shows AUS has recovered from pandemic losses. 

The high number of travelers is expected to continue through the summer due to more flights to nonstop destinations being available, and more available airline seats. AUS expects to break their passenger record this year at 20 million. The last record was set at 17.3 million passengers in 2019. 

AUS leadership met with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to address passenger wait times and continue to improve passenger flow and TSA staffing levels. AUS leadership also met with the Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC) operator and requested an after-action report to understand the cause of Monday morning's traffic backup and to identify solutions to prevent it from reoccurring. 

The jet fuel shortage alert that was issued for airlines on Monday, has been lifted and normal fueling operations resumed on Wednesday, March 30. AUS reports that no airlines experienced any canceled, diverted or delayed flights due to the alert.

Airlines are no longer requested to fly into AUS with extra fuel now that the on-site shortage has reached a two-day supply. However, most airports average a 5-7 day fuel supply. 

Passenger Travel Tips 

To help manage expectations and prepare passengers for busier days at AUS, the airport recommends travelers only bringing carry-on luggage should arrive at least two hours before their boarding time for domestic flights and three before their boarding time for international flights. For travelers checking luggage, traveling with small children or in a large group, and those flying out of AUS for the first time in a while, it's recommended to give yourself extra time in addition to the two and three hour recommendations to make it on time to your gate. 

Flight Check-In Tips 

Those traveling without checked luggage can skip the airline ticket counters and head directly to security screening checkpoints use these time-saving check-in options:

  • Use the lower curbside and upper curbside for drop-off — from the lower level, passengers can quickly get upstairs to ticketing and security via escalators and elevators.
  • Self-service flight check-in kiosks that allow travelers to print their boarding passes and bag tags are available inside the terminal, across from the airline ticket counters.
  • In addition to traditional check-in procedures, select airlines offer outside curbside check-in.
  • Travelers can also save time by checking in for their flight using their airlines’ mobile app and a mobile boarding pass.

TSA Screening and Packing Tips 

TSA Checkpoints open at 3:30 a.m. and Checkpoints 1 and 2 West offer TSA PreCheck and Clear screening. There is also a new security checkpoint near Southwest ticketing, Checkpoint 2 East. This checkpoint will be open during peak travel times for all passengers going through general screening. All checkpoints lead to all gates and airlines in the Barbara Jordan Terminal. For more information about what can and cannot be brought through TSA security, visit

Health & Safety Tips 

The TSA's face mask requirement has been extended to April 18, 2022. Face masks are required for individuals across all transportation networks throughout the U.S. including airports. Passengers who do not comply with the mask requirement may be denied entry or boarding and could face civil penalties. 

Parking & Passenger Drop-Off Tips 

An expected increase in passengers means more vehicles are dropping off and picking up passengers. AUS is encouraging drivers and passengers to use whichever level has the least congestion. Drop off for departures on either the upper or lower level. There are escalators and elevators for passengers to quickly get upstairs to ticketing and security from the lower level. Those looking to park onsite can visit to reserve a parking space and check for real-time parking availability before arriving at the airport. 

For arriving passengers getting picked up by a ride-share service, a tram is available on the first floor of the Red garage to take passengers from the terminal to the ride-share pick-up area located on the first floor underneath the rental car facility.

Information for Allegiant and Frontier Travelers 

Passengers flying with Allegiant or Frontier will depart from The South Terminal. All other airlines operate out of the main Barbara Jordan Terminal. The two terminals must be accessed separately, as they are not connected. The South Terminal is located at 10000 Logistics Lane, near US 183 and Burleson Road. If dropped off at the Barbara Jordan Terminal, passengers can use a shuttle bus, which picks up from the curb-side departure level, to get to the South Terminal.

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