Austin airport to receive new system aimed at reducing runway incidents

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport will receive new airfield surveillance systems by July 2024, FAA officials said.

The new systems aim to reduce runway incursions by improving controllers’ situational awareness and by providing them with new technology. The technology provides controllers with timely and accurate depictions of each aircraft and vehicle on the runway in all weather conditions.

"This is incredible news for us here in Austin. It's going to help make our airports safer. We had a couple of near collisions happen in the last year or so, so with this new technology we're ensuring everyone has a safe passenger experience," said Fuentes.

FOX 7 Austin is aware of at least four near misses that took place at ABIA in the last year. Those near misses include planes missing each other by just some odd feet or just coming too close on the runway.

There were also two separate incidents that resulted in the death of an airport employee and an airline employee. This prompted city and airport officials to team up and call for safety changes.


State leaders also stepped in on the call. U.S. Rep Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) requested the FAA provide ABIA with updated equipment.

Council member Fuentes says she is glad the airport will be one of the first airports to utilize such important technology.

"Safety is top of mind. You got to ensure that with all the new aircraft landing and taking off from our airport, that we have the technology needed to keep everyone safe, and we also want to make sure that we have the infrastructure needed to meet the growth that we're experiencing in Central Texas," she said.