75-year-old historic Georgetown bridge to undergo makeover

Starting this September, a heavily traveled and historic Georgetown bridge will be getting a makeover.

It's the Austin Avenue Bridge, just outside downtown Georgetown, that runs across the North and South San Gabriel River.

It's about 75 years old, and the city said it needs a facelift.

The contractors said they'll be putting on a fresh coat of paint, replacing the concrete deck, and widening the sidewalk and traffic lanes.

They'll also freshen up the original railing on it to keep the history of the bridge.

But during this, they plan on narrowing the lanes for drivers.

"I think it's important to know that bridges are a living, breathing thing that need maintenance and time," said Nash Hale, a project manager. "There may be some upcoming disruption to their lives, their traffic patterns and their flow, but it's for the good of the structure and the safety of the public and the maintenance of that corridor."

Hale expects the construction to take a year.