Austin community raises money for beloved bartender injured in crash

A beloved bartender and prominent figure in Austin’s LGBTQ+ community is in a coma after a scooter crash early Tuesday morning. 

Miranda "Randi" Welch, 33, was found unconscious in the area of East 6th and Onion Street around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday. Austin police are investigating the incident. 

Welch works at Swan Dive and Barbarella where they bartend and host LGBTQ+ community events. Their employer, Jacob Cheely, told FOX 7 Austin Welch has two skull fractures, fractured ribs, temporal bone trauma, a clavicle fracture that will require surgery and "a host of other complications."

"Bills still have to be paid, rent still has to be paid. They have pets," Cheely said.

Cheely added that Welch is missing out on Austin City Limits 2022, a time he said many in the service industry depend on to carry them through the rest of the year.

"You don't work, the money's not there. And it's just, it's scary." 

Cheely started a GoFundMe to help cover Welch’s medical costs, living and pet expenses.

"If you've got an event, Randi’s there. They're just always present. And those kinds of people who are continually supportive. Who really just have so much love to give. I mean, it means something," said Cheely. "If it was anybody else, Randi would definitely be overextending themselves to help. And, yeah, I just. It's the least we could do is try to throw that back their way."