Austin City Council: Ott, water and ridesharing

With the Prop 1 vote coming up this weekend, it's a big week for the Austin City Council. 

And there are still tensions between council and the City Manager.

Last week, City Manager Marc Ott gave Police Chief Art Acevedo a written reprimand and docked his pay for 5 days.
Why?  Because the City Manager alleges Acevedo was talking too much in public about the shooting of unarmed teen David Joseph.
The City Manager says he warned Acevedo to stop but he continued.
This morning at the City Council's budget meeting we caught up with Ott during a break.
He wouldn't go into the details of the reprimand because he says he doesn't want to keep "stirring the pot."
We also asked him if the Chief was "doing better" in his opinion of refraining to talk about the matter in public.

"I don't know what to say about that.  We're talking a matter of days here.  I look forward to the positive working relationship the Chief and I have always had going forward," Ott said.

If you'll remember, Chief Acevedo recognized the City Manager's right to reprimand him but the chief ultimately disagreed with it.  The Chief feels he acted in the best interests of the community after the tragic incident.

Of course the big issue on everyone's minds is the ridesharing debate: Prop 1.  Voters will head to the polls on Saturday and it's getting heated on both sides.

The "Our City, Our Safety, Our Choice" group is encouraging voters to say 'no' to Prop 1.
They held a press conference this afternoon to raise questions about the legality of the multi-million dollar Vote for Prop 1 campaign.
Citing a widespread lack of required political financial disclosure, the use of corporate marketing for political purposes, the free Lyft rides to the polls and the massive texting and phone call campaign.

Voters will head to the polls on Saturday.