Austin city staff recommends $7.1 billion investment into Project Connect

At a joint session with the City of Austin and CapMetro Wednesday, city staff recommended a $7.1 billion investment in CapMetro’s “Project Connect.” 

$3.85 billion will come from the city, and 45 percent will come from the Federal Transit Authority. 

“Project Connect will address traffic, get essential workers better access, benefit our climate, reduce traffic fatalities, and so much more,” said Austin Mayor Steve Adler. 

$300,000 will be dedicated to anti-displacement measures, “so that people can stay in their neighborhoods.” said Council Member and CapMetro Board Member, Ann Kitchen. 

Mayor Pro Tem Delia Garza stated, “We must build an efficient system that will move our essential workers to and from their jobs and guard against the displacement of those very working families the system."

In August, Austin City Council will determine whether Project Connect is placed on the November ballot. 

On Wednesday, CapMetro will hold a public, virtual Q&A.