Austin community steps up to help each other after SXSW cancelation

Canceling SXSW has affected many in the Austin community, but for some, it's a chance to lean on their community for help and for businesses to give back.

Being lucky to live in a city like Austin is the mindset for baking duo Hans Schrei and Luis Gramajo of Wunderkeks. The pair moved to Austin a year ago and were set to debut their cookie business at SXSW, but like for many others, that's no longer going to happen.

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Setting any panic aside, the two had to figure out what to do, so they did what they do best: sell. To not lose all the time and money they put in, they decided to sell their cookies at a discounted rate, leaning on their community for support.

Now, almost two-thirds of what they were supposed to sell has been ordered.


It's not just Wunderkeks that have been helped. Owners at the Roosevelt Room and the Eleanor are opening their doors to bartenders and staff who lost jobs during the ten-day period, and 50 percent of all sales will be donated to local charities.

Also helping out is the Violet Crown Theatre, which will continue to show films and will be debuting the documentary “Feels Good Man,”  which was set to debut at SXSW.