Austin couple donates around 85 toys to APD's Operation Blue Santa

Austin Police Operation Blue Santa got a special delivery of toys Wednesday afternoon just days before their scheduled delivery day.

"We got crayons, coloring books, racecars, pinball, Barbies," said Terry Eaton, who made the huge donation with his husband Robert Williams. "This year, we just got in the holiday spirit."

The couple says they usually give back to Austin Police Operation Blue Santa every year. They say they love this organization whose mission is to provide toys and food to families in need during the holiday season so this year they decided to go big.

The couple donated around 85 toys to the cause.

"I think it's really important now more so than ever to make sure that everybody feels like they're included. This is a very inclusive bunch of toys," Eaton said. "We want to make sure all of those children white, brown, black, any type, have toys and don't feel like they're left out. We want them to know that they are empowered. They can be everything they want to be, and they're special to us and to so many other people."

This year was especially hard for the organization to meet its goal, but its donations like this that make it easier to deliver toys to the families who need it the most.

"It means a lot because that's how we get most of our toys. If that didn't happen, it would be really hard for us to make this happen," said Margarine Beaman, President of Austin Police Operation Blue Santa.

This major donation comes just two days before toy delivery day on Saturday. The plan is to have volunteers who wish to help show up on Saturday morning at 8 am at one of the four sites:

  • Blue Santa Warehouse: 4101 S. Industrial Drive. Ste 260 Austin, Texas 78744 
  • APD North Substation: 12425 Lamplight Village Ave, Austin, TX 78758 
  • APD East Substation: 812 Springdale Rd., Austin, TX 78702  
  • APD South Substation: 404 Ralph Ablanedo Dr., Austin, TX 78748 

That day, thousands of toys will be delivered that day including the ones Eaton and his husband donated.

"The most rewarding part, for both Robert and for me, is the smiles. We get a tear in our eyes because we know there's going to be smiles, there's going to be joy," said Eaton.


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