Austin employees perform roadside delivery

FOX7 has obtained the 911 call to a dramatic roadside birth of a baby girl. It happened a week ago- and Wednesday the two Austin city employees involved in the risky delivery met face to face for the first time.

The landfill in southeast Austin along FM 812 is no longer accepting deliveries. But last week - that didn't stop a man from pulling up with his wife just as Austin Resource Recovery safety instructor Tim Hill was leaving.

"I really thought it was just somebody blocking the entrance, and being in safety, I was looking like, I got to get this guy out of here before one of my trucks come,” said Hill.

The visitors were in serious need of help- the woman in the car was having a baby. Hill says he had just enough time to radio his office.

“Baby came and it was coming ... it was out. By the time I got back I mean I literally had to just catch it the baby was right there,” said Hill.

The call to 911 connected Hill to EMS Communications Medic Jessica McLane. She knew exactly what to do because it was her third delivery.

"He did a very good job, he was excited but he was calm, he did amazing, and he was a good caller, he did what I told him,” said McLane.

Here is part of the 911 call:


"The paramedics are on their way to help you I want you to stay on the line; I'll tell you exactly what to do next. OK.”


“Yes mam.”


“Gently wipe off the baby's mouth and nose … Dry the baby off with a clean towel ... if you can’t find a towel a Tee Shirt, a blanket or something."

"I wasn't scared I just didn't want the baby to die on me,” said Hill.

McLane, according to Hill was his angel who kept him calm during the tense moments.


"The baby is, the baby is between her legs, lying down. The cord is not wrapped around the baby's neck or anything.”


“OK go ahead and pick up the baby and wrap it up in the towel and hand the baby to the mother."

The situation, Hill said wasn't’t that gross but he did get a curve ball when McLane told him he would have to take care of the umbilical cord. He was told not to cut it but to tie it off.

“I really wanted to tell her no mam, you come through the phone to do it, but of course I couldn't say that,” said Hill.

To tie off the cord, Hill said he had to improvise and use the laces from his new boots.


The mother is consciences, everything is fine she is breathing She is smiling.


Perfect. You did a great job, make sure that you have her be still and hold the baby until we get there.”

As emergency responders pulled up- Hill and McLane had it all under control. The 911 call wrapped up with a final question.


Is it a boy or a girl?”


It is a  … little girl.

A child who eventually will be able to say she started life from the fast lane.